Wasteofcash projects


Discuss any of my projects and I will try to help.

Tuniac Media Player

Tuniac is an open source media player. It supports all major media formats such as mp3, flac, aac, etc.
It features advanced playlist management features, very lightweight and simple UI.


BCConvert is an open source converter for Baichuan(aka BC) CCTV NVR devices.
This include devices sold by Reolink, Swann, Amcrest, iNewCam, etc.
The official software client often exports with wrong framerates, no audio or incomplete conversions.
My software attempts to allow users the export their files correctly. Eg h264 to avi or h264 to mp4.

IP batch

Windows batch files to help change and check your IP.


Various spreadsheets to help calculate things.
Eg one for Australian Energy prices and another for helping split a bill between friends.

Sonique 2

Various S2 resources