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I am no excel master, I actually barely ever use excel ever.
But twice I figured I could give excel a crack and tried to make something fun with it.

My Energy spreadsheet tries to give accurate costs for different energy plans.
I created this as the energy retailers and Government Energy Made Easy sites always gave vague estimates based on averages, while I wanted actual numbers.
However the spreadsheet is likely filled with all kinds of inaccurate data, I personally do not believe any of my bills have lined up cent for cent with my spreadsheets calculations.
The spreadsheet is preloaded by me with many plans offered in the South Australian market, but any market prices that follows similar pricing structures could be added.

The WhoOwesWho spreadsheet is about trying to split a bill between a group of friends.
For example if you went camping and 1 friend bought a tent, another 2 friends paid for the fuel to drive to the location and a fourth friend paid for beer.
My spreadsheet is to try and fairly split the bill between everyone taking into account all the different prices people have paid.

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